Alexander Jeans is an online retailer based in Leeds, United Kingdom. Founded in May 2017. 

The idea of creating the perfect fit stemmed from a passion for fitness and weight training. I’ve always been interested in fashion and have noticed an increase in clothes designed for an athletic figure. Over the years I have worked on my physique, building my legs and creating a small waist which has also led to struggling when finding a pair of jeans to fit. It became apparent that other guys also struggled when finding well fit jeans and is why I wanted to create a design that delivered the perfect fit and with the highest quality. 

We have created spray on, super skinny jeans that have been made from super stretch, light denim. Our premium jeans appear tailored as they are a close fit from the waist down to the ankle. We currently have a range of 6 different colours: black, grey, dark blue and blue with a ripped and non ripped design.